Sign 2 Speech

We give hearing impaired persons a voice.

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We want to make communication for hearing impaired people in their daily life easier.
Our technology excels in many ways.

Convenient to wear

Just connect your smart phone with our two armbands wirelessly and you are ready to speak.

Works in every daily situation

The product supports you in every daily situation, whenever you need it.

Large amount of gestures

With our machine learning technology we are able to interpret a huge amount of gestures.

Gesture set can be personalised

The Signyo adapts individually to your behaviour and can personally define gestures.

Our Mission

We want to break the communication barrier between hearing and hearing-impaired people. Due to damage to their audio-sensory system many hearing impaired have not learned how to articulate speech comprehensibly and have instead learned sign language to express themselves.

However, when faced with communicating with individuals not proficient in sign language they often have to resort to Translators, which are not easily available and costly. Recently camera based technologies to translate sign language have been developed, however they need to be set up before gesturing, they depend strongly on the lighting conditions and gesturing is limited to the viewing angle.

We want to change all this. We want the hearing impaired to forget about the technology and let them gesture as naturally as possible. We want the technology to adapt to the users habits and not the other way around. Just put on the Signyo and go.

Our Vision

  • Design a sleeker armband
  • Switch to a High Definition EMG sensor for higher accuracy
  • Incorporate facial expressions
  • Teach the system to recognize more complex gestures
  • Include auto-correct and auto-complete functionality for faster spelling of difficult words

Our Team

We are a highly motivated team that loves technology and is eager to innovate. Our development team has many years of expertise in signal processing and machine learning, which is crucial for our success.